The Hulk and Thor are in My Head?

So, a week later and I have to say, Positive Affirmations are actually quite amazing. My mood is lighter, and when I do feel something overwhelming, I am able to bounce back within minutes. Before I go any further, let’s give a shout out to one of my all-time favorite self-help books, “You are a Badass; How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” written by the amazing Jen Sincero. A lot of the Positive Affirmations that I am currently using multiple times a day, are from her. Also, a lot of the steps that I’m taking are from this book as well. Basically, this book is my Bible at the moment, so you’re going to hear a lot about it.

Okay, yea, pointing to yourself in the mirror with that discernible face and saying “You, my friend, are a Bad Ass”, may trigger ya’ll (gender neutral term, not Southern) to think I’m trippin’, which I am, but aren’t we all? Isn’t that the whole point of this blog?

Positive Affirmations are easy, you tell yourself multiple times throughout the day, what YOU need to hear. You TELL yourself how you are going to feel. You CONVINCE yourself that YOU *sassy clap* ARE *sassy clap* MORE *sassy clap* THAN *sassy clap* ENOUGH.

It’s actually pretty dope, you can convince yourself almost anything and the universe will comply because you have FINALLY tuned into the correct frequency. (For those who are religious, I am not. I practice tuning into the Universes and frequencies, crystal healing and all of that OM Spiritual stuff. Dat’s ma shit. So, when I say universe, just [insert whatever higher power] you believe in, or don’t if you don’t. Do you boo boos, no one is here to judge) But, for the sake of this topic, tuning into the correct frequency sees no religion or belief. You just need to tell yourself and emit what you want out of your life, and the universe will (normally) comply. Emit positivity and receive relief.

I will be going into some research that I looked into here in these next few paragraphs. If you aren’t about that shit, that’s cool, just scroll down! Also, it may sound a little different than your usual   R E S E A R C H   R O B O T   MLA FORMAT BULLSHIT; I’ll give credit where credit is due, but I refuse to be a robot.

Positive Affirmations aren’t hogwash, they work. They are an actual thing. According to Ray Williams of Psychology Today, Self-Affirmations were officially pioneered sometime in the 1920’s. Those genius fuckers realized that we have been convincing ourselves that we suck, which is instrumental because it proves that we CAN indeed convince our brains of things that it doesn’t necessarily believe (shout out to the Homophobes, Fascists and Racists; Seeeeee you CAN change your ways to see love, but I digress).

So, blah, blah, science stuff, this guy Ray was saying in his article that when we tell ourselves “[insert affirmation here]”, we are actually “reinforcing that chemical pathway in the brain, making the connection between 2 neurons stronger and more likely to conduct the same message again”. ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZ… If you fell asleep during that sentence it’s fine, I totes understand, I do the same thing when I see like a math problem, or any numbers really. Basically, here is what this guy is saying, via interpretation by yours truly.

Okay, you remember that story I told about how our brains go on this freeway when we feel emotion and blah blah, hit a blocked overpass (in this situation because the middle of the overpass has broken down), and you have to turn around and do a three-point turn in your head and shit and like give an “I’m sorry, I’m an idiot, I know” wave to the people behind you? Yea? Okay well, every time that you give yourself a Positive Affirmation, in your brain there are these super heroes (I’m picturing a select crew from the Avengers, something not so popular like Thor and the Hulk, like nobody WANTS to see just them but they are still doing good, and the other cooler Avengers are busy… what the fuck am I talking about, everyone wants to see Thor). Anyways, these superheroes get the fucking message that you sent out, and they fly (or super jump, or like spidey-web) to this overpass and they put back together the overpass for you. It’s a one-time deal, but then instead of having to back up and go down that slippery slope, you take your happy ass over that overpass and continue jamming to K Dot.

Okay are you with me? So, the more and more that you tell yourself your positive affirmations, and the more and more Thor and the Hulk come to put the overpass back together, that overpass then becomes stronger and stronger. Thor and The Hulk start using Grade-A materials, like that shit that the military makes shit with, and they start rebuilding a stronger and stronger overpass every time. Eventually, Thor and The Hulk will stop coming, because your bridge is strong enough on its own for you to pass. BOOM! That’s how Positive Affirmations work.

Now, there is one caveat: You kind of have to believe in what you are telling yourself. You can’t just put up the Bat Signal, but not believe in Batman. You just can’t. (I apologize for mixing my superhero universes, but it worked in this situation). The more you believe in what you are saying to yourself, the higher the likelihood that your superheroes in your head are going to come help a girl (or guy, or both, or neither; whichever you prefer) out.

Okay, this is getting long, here is a list of the Positive Affirmations that are currently working for me (I suggest getting an app that will remind you on your phone, multiple times a day, of your affirmations, I use “My Affirmations”):

  • I deserve and receive massive amounts of love every moment of every day.
  • I am one with the Universe. The Universe is awesome (look around, it made all this dope shit) and so am I.
  • I am brilliant, bright and beautiful.
  • I am in control of my thoughts and my life.
  • I can do it.

This seems like a step you can skip, but I don’t think that’s true. It’s starts with you, right? Let’s start to tell ourselves how fucking amazing we are. Here, I’ll do it with you.





Some Cited Shit:

“11 Powerful Affirmations to Help Treat Depression and Anxiety”. Power     of Positivity. 2016.

Williams, Ray. “Do Self Affirmations Work? A Revisit”. Psychology Today.      May 5, 2013.

2 thoughts on “The Hulk and Thor are in My Head?

  1. I have also read this book and it was the beginning of turning my life around. I’m not perfect and don’t know if I’ll ever be but it pushed me in the right direction. I’ve found myself interested in psychology and self help dudes/dudettes and basically looking for information that puts me in the right mindset mentally. It’s cool to see it effect others in the same way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • None of us are perfect right? I think that’s what the whole point of her book is. I think that she just wants all of us who are struggling with realizing our full potential to take action and be proactive about our mental health. It’s great knowing that there are others who are indeed being helped by her book.


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